Olympus FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050 - simple compact camera

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Company Olympus introduces three new models in the series of simple compact cameras FE - FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050. The lead series of 14-megapixel model FE-5050 has a 5x optical wide zoom (26-130 mm) allows to remove almost any subject - from portrait to an impressive panorama. The new "digital stabilization plus reduces noise and provides enhanced color reproduction and gradation particular mood will feature six filters: Pop Art, Fish Eye, Drawing, Pinhole, and new wedding and Rock. Body of the camera has a thickness of 18,8 mm. Also, FE-5050 is equipped with a display with a diagonal 2.7 inches, a slot for SD memory cards and feature battery from USB. Camera is equipped with a set of technologies necessary to produce quality images degkogo: AF tracking, i-Auto mode, and improved identification of persons (up to 16 persons). The body of one of four colors - Starry Silver, Classic Black, Champagne Gold and Pink.

Olympus FE-5040 features 5x wide optical zoom (26-130 mm) diagonal display with 2.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 12 Mn. Continuous AF, mode i-Auto, six "magic" filter (Fish-Eye, Pop Art, Painting, Pinhole, and new filters Wedding and Rock), the definition of (up to 12 persons) and digital image stabilization to help you get good pictures without much difficulty. Rounding out the functionality of a slot for memory cards SD, function of battery charge from USB, and a number of practical functions. Body of the camera is available in different colors: Starry Silver, classic black, crimson red, and copper orange.

12-megapixel FE-4050 is equipped with a 4x wide optical zoom (27-108 mm) and the new "digital image stabilization plus. Display 2.7-inch diagonal, AF tracking, mode i-Auto, improved identification of persons (up to 16 persons), a slot for SD memory cards and feature battery power from USB - it all fit in a compact and slim body. The camera comes with six "magic" filters (Fisheye, Pop Art, Drawing, Pinhole, and new filters Wedding and Rock). Case FE-4050 is available in several colors: Starry Silver, Classic Black, Wine Red and Pure White.

Models Olympus FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050 are based on the concept of "one button - one function", but if you need help, then the user can always turn to the built-in Help. New models will go on sale in September 2010.