Panasonic HX40 - new headphones, elegant and easy

Friday, August 20, 2010

Panasonic has announced the release of new fine and light headphones entitled HX40. The device goes on sale in December 2010. The model is available in six different variants of colors - customers can pick up headsets, is well combined with the color of the Media Player or clothing. Suggested types of colors: "black", "blue", "green", "white", "black and pink", "white with pink.

Headphones Panasonic HX40 has an interesting look - minimalist shape, rounded corners, bright colored bezel, smooth surface - all this makes the model perfectly in tune with the modern digital media players.

In the headphones are used compact speakers - small-size sound emitters have a flat amplitude-frequency characteristic. To create such dynamics, without sacrificing power and detailed performance, Panasonic has used (as an element zvukoizluchayuschego speakers) special hybrid iris (Hybrid Diaphragm). This diaphragm (movable part of the dynamics) consists of two parts, each of which possesses certain properties. Ring of the membrane is made of soft elastic material (PU), while its "core" - solid and strong (material used PET). With this verified combination of composite elements (hard and easy "piston" plus mobile "suspension", which provides a smooth, free running of the radiator) achieved a net natural sound in a wide range of frequencies.

The model has a special hinge mechanism connecting the "cup" speakers with Headband - headphones fold, having folded flat shape and compact dimensions. Therefore, for Panasonic HX40 is always a place and in close backpack and a waist bag or even in your pocket.