Panasonic KX-NT400 - IP phone with a huge touchscreen

Monday, August 30, 2010

In August, Panasonic will start selling in Russia multifunction IP phone KX-NT400. The main feature of NT400 has a color touch screen diagonal 5.7 inches (320 x 240 pixels) with the Russian interface which allows access to phone functions. For example, the phone user can simultaneously view the image in real-time IP camera, watching the distant objects or located outside the visible people. The system supports simultaneous connection to your phone with a maximum of 20 registered IP-cameras and the user is able to select from the list to see any real time on the phone display.

The new office IP phone is compatible with the stations KX-NCP and KX-TDE. Embedded application Communication Assistant (client) provides the interaction between the staff office. And thanks to application modules Communication Assistant to work with voicemail (Voice Mail Assistant) you can move, delete, or listen to messages from the menu on the phone.

In the KX-NT400 built modernized version of the browser Internet Explorer, so that it provides access to internal Web portals of the company. To work with the possibilities KX-NT400 can select the screen using the tabs at the top of the display.

New Panasonic IP Phone supports a wireless connection to Bluetooth technology and is equipped with PoE, which allows you to send along with the data of electrical energy via a standard twisted pair. The unit has two Ethernet and one USB port, a slot for SD card slot and headphone jack.

Key features available on the screen NT400:

    * Screen "Portal" allows you to view information stored on the internal portal company, in the form of Web-pages. For example, the delivery schedule, service order tracking and so on. Access to this data can be carried out simultaneously with the telephone conversation.
    * The screen "Contacts" is the contact information and menus to control them.
    * Screen Call Log displays information about incoming, outgoing and missed calls, and also allows you to dial a number from the list of incoming calls and add it to your contact list
    * Screen Challenge "provides access to functions for the current call (record, conference, call transfer, etc.)
    * Screen "Chat" is necessary to send and receive text messages from other users KX-NT400 or Communication Assistant.
    * Display the "Options" provides access to phone settings, both user and administrator settings.
    * Screen Camera lets you view an image with network cameras, as well as customize them.