Player Samsung YP-S1 TicToc already on sale

Monday, August 30, 2010

Samsung Electronics Company presented on the Russian market player Samsung YP-S1 TicToc. The player is made in the form of small boxes that are smaller than flash media 17,5 x17, 5h35, 9 mm and has a smooth flat surface with minimal number of parts and components. Housing TicToc made in white palette with accents of one of two colors: pink or blue. Wearing the player is also convenient - you can hang it as a pendant to the miniature canal headphones or attached to clothing with a special clip on the case of the player. In addition, expected in the future release of the player is black, as well as special series of Hello Kitty.

Embedded firmware TicToc MiniApp much easier to work with music files and playlists. The main feature of the player Samsung S1 TicToc is a technology management. Control of all functions of the player based on the movements and gestures, thanks to the G-sensor (accelerometer) in conjunction with a special universal key, located on the edge. For example, to switch to the next song in the playlist, just place the player horizontally, and press the button once. When you press twice the player will return to the previous track. But when pressed three times - just jump on the new album. To adjust the volume of your player should be placed vertically down button to increase volume and a button up to decrease the volume.

In addition, the player has 3 modes of play - basic (in order), slow and mixed mode. For regime change to shake the player three times. To activate the voice mode is enough to shake it once for the player will tell you that the melody sounds now, and in what mode you're listening to.

In the Russian market Samsung TicToc presented in option 2 GB memory. Runtime news reaches 12 hours. The player goes on sale in September 2010 for a suggested price of 1,890 rubles

Features of Samsung TicToc:

    * Memory - 2 GB
    * Display - No (LED)
    * Play - 12 kHz
    * Supported formats - MP3, WMA, Ogg, Flac
    * Additional playback - Mode Fast / slow / mixed
    * Contact Voice - Voice guide
    * USB interface
    * Duct Headphones
    * Dimensions - 17,5 x17, 5x35, 9mm
    * Weight - 12 grams