Pocket Mouse Defender Impulse 455 Nano

Monday, August 30, 2010

The company introduced the Defender miniature wireless mouse Defender Impulse 455 Nano. NEW performed in minimalist design is modest in size and flat shape, it can be placed in a purse or pants pocket.

Dimensions Impulse 455 Nano modest - the height of the mouse is 2 cm and weight 47 grams. The housing has a symmetrical shape and is easy to use both the right and left hand. The front panel are two standard buttons and button-scroll wheel. At the back of the robot manufacturer has provided a special slot for the receiver - it does not break and will not be lost in transit.

The mouse is made in strict style, finishing in use one color - black, while the front panel is decorated with a logo trademark Defender. Rubberized plastic pleasant to the touch and non-slip mouse in hand. The manipulator can be used in demonstrations or presentations to control media applications at a distance of 8 meters. Three levels of energy efficiency extends the life of the mouse from one battery. If the device is not involved in the work of more than 10 minutes, it goes into power saving mode. To resume Impulse 455 Nano just need to move it or press any button.

Specifications of Defender Impulse 455 Nano:

    * Resolution - 1000 dpi
    * Number of buttons - 2 scroll button
    * Interface - USB
    * Color - Black
    * Meals - 1 AA battery
    * Range - 8 meters
    * Average duration of work without recharge / change batteries - 3 Months
    * Radio interface - 2,4 GHz
    * Size - 9.7 x 5.7 x 2 cm
    * Weight - 0,047 kg


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