RackStation RS810 + and DiskStation DS411 + - Synology high-performance NAS servers for small and medium business

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Company Synology has announced the 4-disk network storage RackStation RS810 and DiskStation DS411. Powerful New NAS from Synology are suitable for use in medium-sized companies, as well as to solve local problems of network storage and backup in branch offices and large businesses that require flexible, high-performance solutions.

Tested in RAID 5, with a PC, running under Windows, network drives Synology RS810 and DS411 have a read speed up to 112 Mb / s and write speed RS810 and the DS411 is 107 Mbps / 106 Mbps, respectively. Operating under the firm control of the OS Synology Disk Station Manager, includes many case-service applications, such as a server, video surveillance, FTP-server, web-server, etc., the new model NAS Synology provides integrated solutions companies, the highest loading capacity and speed. For example, working as a corporate web-server, network drives and DS411 Synology RS810 show a very high speed processing of requests: requiring less than 32 seconds to handle 1000 concurrent queries.

To meet the growing needs of small and medium businesses Synology RS810 can increase storage capacity to 16 terabytes of connecting the expansion module capacity RX410. Additional increase performance storage systems based on the Synology RS810 can be increased up to 3 GB of RAM. Synology RS810 Network Storage System has been certified by VMware Ready program and is a reliable solution for deploying virtualization in storage systems.

An additional argument for choosing Synology RS810 for use in business is its architecture, which allows to replace its parts and vehicles without stopping the system, or stopping at the minimum time. Synology RS810 supports hot swapping hard drives, and the version of Synology RS810RP allows for hot swapping power supplies, due to their overlap. The original housing design allows for a few minutes to change even the motherboard.

Synology RS810 consumes only 68 watts, and the DS411 - 60,5 W, and remote activate and deactivate the network (Wake on LAN / WAN), the on / off according to schedule and transfer of hard disk drives into sleep mode, allowing you to avoid unnecessary downtime in the operating position and reduce energy costs.

Synology RS810, RS810RP and RX410, fully certified by the system Rostest. Official warranty on the RS810, RS810RP 5 years, and the DS411 - for 2 years, which allows users to be confident in our choice. Synology RS810, RS810RP, RX410 and the DS411 is now available worldwide .