Television Toshiba - 3D in your home!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Toshiba has announced the expansion of the range LCD TV line CELL REGZA, working on the base engine Cell Broadband Engine, designed for high-quality multimedia content and advanced platform CELL. All three new items, CELL REGZA 55X2, CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2, have high capacity for processing 3D images through the use of technology 3D Super Resolution, improves resolution 3D nearly to the level of high definition, and image conversion technology 2D3D3, which allows users to enjoy normal image in high-quality format 3D. Delivery models CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2 the Japanese market will begin in early October, and the model 55X2 with the end of October this year.

Technology 3D Super Resolution Technology uses 3D content transmitted separately to the left and right eye in a stereo format, horizontal (side-by-side system), which is the most widely used in 3D television broadcasts and converts it to a 3D image is almost HD. In addition, the conversion technology 2D3D provides capture and analysis of the composition and movement of conventional 2D images in real time and its transformation into a 3D image with an exact reproduction, natural color reproduction and high definition.

A special feature of the model CELL REGZA 55X2 is to support the value of dynamic contrast level and use the panel 9000000:1 Mega LED, specially designed to interact with high-brightness LED CELL REGZA. This combination provides excellent transfer of a bright white color, and a wide dynamic range achievable control backlight, you can send a deep and rich black color.

The new TVs using CELL REGZA Block Noise Clear - technology to eliminate distortion HD, which allows clear images of TV broadcasts, and they support the technology ClearScan 2406, which raise the refresh rate to four times, up to 240 Hz, which makes it possible to improve the quality of processing fast-moving objects for them more smoother.

CELL REGZA TVs equipped with a storage capacity of 3 terabytes. Of these, 2 TB capacity is reserved for the work function of "time shift machine 2", which enables simultaneous recording of up to eight channels of digital television. In an earlier model CELL REGZA 55X1 maximum recording time, about 26 hours, it was fixed for each channel. The new models, the total recording time varies depending on the number of channels 9, involved for simultaneous recording. In addition to the normal playback of recorded programs, TV sets has a function of "Jump to the start", which allows playback of programs that are in record mode, using a function time-shift. By connecting compatible recording devices REGZA Blu-ray Disc recorder, can record directly onto a standard Blu-ray Disc procedure provided for the hard disk, however, the function of time shift, in this case, is not available.