teXet TX-D8400A - new DECT with special features

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Company Electronic Systems Alkotel "announced a new DECT phone teXet TX-D8400A. As the producer, as well as the previous model TX-D6250, new product specifically designed for users with impaired vision and hearing, and has a number of features. Big buttons dialer provide convenience when using the phone. Blue backlight buttons make it easier dialing in a room with bad lighting, will also help enlarge the font size on the display with blue backlight.

You can adjust the volume of admission to the tube and increase to the desired level, the user can adjust the volume during a call without interrupting it. In addition, it is possible to adjust the volume of ringing handset and base unit.

Except for the special functions listed above, the model has caller ID, phone book for 20 names and numbers, speakerphone, time display, alarm clock, find the tube, mute, polyphonic ringtones and so on.