ViewSonic PJD7382 - short-focus projector for classrooms

Monday, August 30, 2010

ViewSonic has introduced a projector PJD7382 - ultrakorotkofokusnuyu model for classrooms and educational centers. Includes software Creston RoomView, which allows teachers when connecting the projector PJD7382 to the Ethernet network monitoring, diagnosis and management of each such device through a single software solution. In addition, the projector supports technology PJD7382 DLP Link and image 3D, providing a more complete effect of the presence in its use in the classroom.

The projector is projecting PJD7382 ratio 0.61, giving a sharp and accurate image with a diagonal of 81 "(206 cm) with a distance of about one meter. This makes it a suitable choice for output to an interactive whiteboard for teaching in the classroom. The projector is equipped with technology BriliantColor and 6-digit "color wheel" DLP for more realistic colors, and features such as a microphone input, speaker power of 10 W and the transfer of closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Construction without filter simplifies maintenance and reduces the cost of projector ownership. The presence and function Kensington Security Security Bar means added protection against theft. In addition, the "eco-mode" of this model will save on electricity, the lamp life is increased up to 6000 hours, the noise level is reduced. Projector PJD7382 available in Russia in the third quarter of this year.