We are waiting for the new crop of apples! Maturing new iPod touch, iPad, and iTV

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the beta version of the operating system iOS 4.1, is already available for internal testing revealed a grain of information about new devices of Apple. Specifically, developers can find them in the source code - a resource AppleInsider submitted a screenshot. For example, there is mentioned iPod 4,1 - media player iPod touch fourth generation, iProd 2,1 - apparently a new version of the tablet iPad. For comparison, the internal marking the current versions of these devices - iPod 3,1 and iProd 1,1 respectively.

But in addition to already known devices discovered in the code and mark "unknownHardware" with ID number 20547. Do not know what kind of device, while one can only speculate. It is likely that this new model of media player Apple TV. We already wrote that, according to unconfirmed reports, the device buedt work on the basis iOS and will support e-shop applications App Store. In the media player will be a new name - iTV, it is likely to be smaller and cheaper than its predecessor.