Acer: iPhone and iPad - a virus mutants

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Acer Founder Stan Shih (Stan Shih) made a number of original statements regarding Apple and its products. According to him, such super-unit Apple, as the iPad and iPhone (for some reason iPod players have been undeservedly forgotten) like a mutating virus. Apparently, Shi meant a rapid and widespread dissemination of these models. But, he said, the other PC makers, eventually, be able to isolate the virus and establish a stable immunity against it.

As stated by Stan Shih, Apple uses a strategy different from the methods to market other companies. Apple has always focused on the revolution, while others, mainly work more smoothly and gradually. It is not clear whether Apple will react in any way on this ambiguous statement by the founder of Acer and the like whether or not to compare with the virus. Although it can be regarded as a compliment to its products: like a virus, it is difficult to fight with them (in this case, competitors) and it spreads very quickly.