Camera Panasonic GH2 will feature photo shoot in 16 Mn at 5 frames / s

Monday, September 20, 2010

Resource 4 / 3 Rumors published the first image and specifications of future camera Panasonic GH2, in the category of Micro Four Thirds. The technology, seems to be a continuation of Panasonic GH1.i receive housing, which resembles a compact DSLR camera. Incidentally, by design, Panasonic GH2 resembles not so much a model Panasonic GH1, while more modern Panasonic G2.

As became known specifications Panasonic GH2, they include 18-Megapixels (16 million effective pixels) with the stated level of sensitivity from 100 to 12 800 units of ISO (the truth, the last value is probably a purely nominal). In addition, a feature shooting high definition video as 1080i at 60 frames per second, and possibly support a full 1080p video. Recording is then carried out in a format AVCHD.

Present and LCD screen with touch functionality, and speed burst shooting at full resolution up to five frames per second (at lower resolution burst rate of up to 40 frames per second). Image processing improved to triple-core version, moreover, been improving and speed of autofocus, amounting to 0,099 seconds with reaching a set of lens 14-140mm. It should be added that the announcement Panasonic GH2 expected on September 21 in the profile exhibition Photokina 2010.