Canyon Alley-Oop - "DJ" headphones with a design in the style of graffiti

Monday, September 6, 2010

Canyon has submitted a "DJ" headphones Alley-Oop to the colors in the style of graffiti. New items included in the original series of products Graffiti Limited Edition, Canyon was created specifically for active youth. As the producer, the majority of the market analogies are made in black or gray, unlike these new headphones Canyon decorated in cheerful colors - is dominated by white, orange, pink, blue and light green color. Fragments of graffiti finishing Alley-Oop were taken from the winners of urban art, conducted by Canyon in Europe this spring.

Headphones are equipped with large, soft ear shells, which are kept securely and not cause discomfort during extended wear. Cable length is 1.5 meters, which guarantees comfortable use headphones in almost any situation and almost any device: a remote control and the player with the player, laptop or home computer. In addition, the cable has a volume control, and to connect using the standard connector with 3.5-mm connector.

Along with headphones Alley-Oop, in line Graffiti Limited Edition includes a range of optical mice Tailslide, webcams Truckhook, headphone pilot Railwhip, as well as bags and covers Kickflip Noseslide.

    * Specifications Canyon Alley-Oop:
    * Type Headphone - Dual headphone
    * Headphones Sensitivity - 110 dB
    * Headphones Impedance - 32 ohms
    * Frequency response - 20Hz-20KHz
    * Headphones Interface Connector - mini jack 3,5 mm
    * Cable length - 1,5 m
    * Dimensions - mm 170h90h75
    * Weight - 140 grams.