Canyon CNR-WCAM120 - Anthropomorphic webcam with change of linen

Friday, September 10, 2010

Canyon has announced the unusual webcam CNR-WCAM120 in the form of man. The flexible structure of the shell allows you to set the camera on a table or mounted on the corner of the LCD monitor - just bend the handle. And in order to diversify the look of your device, you simply "change out" the toy football player in the second set of clothing, which comes with a webcam.

Luggage Canyon CNR-WCAM120 equipped with 2-megapixel sensor with support for the software to increase up to 8 megapixels, built in microphone for voice recording, tracking the person and the snapshot button. NEW connects to a computer by cable via USB 2.0.

Specifications of CNR-WCAM120:

    * Interface - USB 2.0
    * Sensor Resolution - 2 megapixel
    * Range of focus - 5cm ~ Infinity
    * Image Sensor Technology - 1 / 4 "CMOS
    * Maximum resolution video recording - 2560x1920 pixels
    * Maximum capture rate - 30 frames per second (640x480 pixels)
    * Microphone
    * Dimensions - mm 50h80h115
    * Weight - 0,08 kg