Case AeroCool RS-9 Devil Red for productive systems

Monday, September 13, 2010

Taiwanese company AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT) announced today the Mid-Tower chassis AeroCool RS-9 Devil Red. The body is made from durable 0.6-mm cold-rolled steel sheets made in Japan and is designed for use with modern motherboard form factor ATX and Micro-ATX. The deep shades of black lacquered outer coating of interior body contrasted with the red inner surfaces of the back wall, and with scarlet LED-backlit acrylic window on the side wall cooling on the upper surface and a number of design elements, the front panel.

Case dimensions are 443 x 200 x 476 mm. The layout of the chassis is designed with an eye for designing productive systems with modern components, with a wide range of cooling and low noise and vibration. Thus, the maximum length of supported video cards High-End class of 295, while for each of the drives have special anti-vibration rubber pads and a special mounting kit for easy installation Quick release. Further reduction of hull vibration achieved by placing the power supply system in the bottom of the chassis.

The system based on body AeroCool RS-9 Devil Red supports up to seven expansion slots and up to nine seats under the drives of various forms of factors, including 5.25 inch and 3.25-inch (one external, to connect the floppy drive or card reader). Access to frequently used interface provides a front panel with the corresponding red LED light on this area there are two ports USB2.0, Port e-SATA, connectors for microphone and headphones.

To cool it is possible to install up to six high-power fans. Supplied front and rear fans for silent bearings have dimensions of 120 x 120 x 25 mm and equipped with adjustable three-level LED-backlit "brand" in red. The rotational speed of each fan is regulated by stress within 6B - 13,8 B, with the maximum speed is 1500 rpm ± 10%, air flow - up to 58,35 CFM, the pressure of the air flow reaches 2,1 mm water column, and the level Noise at maximum load does not exceed 26.67 dBA. In addition, at its discretion, the user can install two optional 120/140 mm fan on side panel, and two optional 120/140 mm fan on top of the plane, for which the chassis prudently drafted the relevant landing and tie-down space.

Cooling and ventilation supplemented by "mesh" plugs free slots PCI, as well as the complex of dust filter on the front, top and bottom plane of the chassis. In the case holes for installation of water cooling systems.