Compact aluminum case Lian Li PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F for mini-ITX motherboards

Friday, September 10, 2010

Company Lian Li introduced two new series of PC cases Mini-Q in the performance Mini Tower, which are suitable for placement of motherboard form-factor mini-ITX. Novelties called Lian Li PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F and can be used to create home theater systems (HTPC). Case dimensions are 265h200h110 mm for Lian Li PC-Q09 and 265h200h124 mm for PC-Q09F. To cool them provided one 80 mm fan on the back side.

In addition, the shell possess one 5.25-inch drive bay for optical drive category of "slim", one 2.5-inch drive bay for installation drive (HDD or SSD), two USB 3.0 ports and audio on the front panel. Decisions are made of aluminum. Y Lian Li PC-Q09 has a external power supply to 110 watts, while the C-Q09F - normal power supply to 150 Watts. Accordingly, the second new heavier. Lian Li PC-Q09 will cost $ 169 (silver, black) or $ 179 (red, white), and PC-Q09F - $ 129 (silver, black), $ 159 (red) or $ 189 (white), they will come out later this month.