Details of the platform Atom E600 (Tunnel Creek) for embedded systems

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Within the IDF, 2010, taking place these days in San Francisco, Intel shared details of a new family of energy-efficient processors (more precisely, systems on a chip ") under the name Atom E600, also known under the code name of Tunnel Creek. The new "nuclear" platform is designed for embedded devices market, and can be used, for example, in-car infotainment systems. In the layout of the new chips include an integrated memory controller DDR2, Integrated Graphics GMA 600 and 512 KB second-level cache.

Presence and support of technologies such as Hyper-Threading and Intel Virtualization. One of the first products released under the platform Tunnel Creek, will be the chip, code-named Stellarton. This CPU features a modular design, as it contains its own central processor series Atom E600, as well as the so-called programmable array of Altera FPGA (field programmable gate array).

In addition, due to its modular design chip Stellarton may also include third-party components, for example, hardware accelerator or a specially designed interface. Work "system on a chip" Atom E600, created on 45-nm technology will be in conjunction with the chipset EG20T, and their clock speeds ranging from 600 MHz to 1.6 GHz. Added that the new "nuclear" platform will be compatible with the operating system, Windows Embedded Standard 7.