Foxconn KS059, TLM059 and TSAA059 - affordable housing for home and office

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The company provided affordable housing Foxconn KS059, TLM059 and TSAA059. As the producer, all three models are made in the same style and will be a suitable choice for home or office computer.

Model KS059 and TLM059 form factor Micro ATX are for those who like to save space around your desktop, with a compact body does not impose restrictions on the choice of components - here you can install a full-fledged graphics card and cooling system.

New items are equipped with two compartments for external 5.25 ", one external for 3.5" and four internal 3.5 "hard drive. For cooling the interior of the rear fans respond with a diameter of 80 or 90 mm, and the vents on the side panels . Additional fan diameter of 80, 90 or 120 mm can be installed in the front. At the top of the enclosure removed extra USB and audio ports. Compact new items come with a power supply 400 Tues

Full-size model TSAA059 form factor Full ATX please those who care about literacy and the distribution of cooling air flow inside the case. The design accommodates up to four external devices 5,25, one external 3.5 "and up to four internal 3.5". For the removal of heated air used 80-mm fan, with the possibility of 90 or 120 mm models. In front you can install an additional fan diameter of 80, 90 or 120 mm. Corps will be available with power supply 400-500 Tues

Three new items to assemble home and office computers soon will be available. The compact housing and TLM059 KS059 will be available for $ 48 and $ 52, respectively. Full-size model TSAA059 Price ranges from $ 52 to $ 64 depending on the pre-power supply.