Handsfree Nokia Mobile TV Headset turns a smartphone into a mobile TV

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nokia has introduced the headset under the name Mobile TV Headset. This accessory, according to the manufacturer, makes the mobile device into a portable TV. The headset allows you to receive digital broadcasting standard DVB-H (where there is adequate coverage) and watch the transfer directly to the smartphone. Wired Headset Mobile TV Headset is connected to the device via port microUSB, moreover, it is compatible with your smartphone Nokia N8 and future models under the operating system Symbian ^ 3.

The headset is not only able to receive broadcast DVB-H, which was also provided control buttons that allow you to switch channels or control the change of tracks in media player. To demonstrate the TV and require a special application - a Mobile TV, it must either be preinstalled on devices compatible with the headset, or it can be found in Ovi Store. Issue headset Mobile TV Headset held in the fourth quarter of this year, and its cost is 40 euros.