MSI N480GTX Lightning - high-class video cards based on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480

Monday, September 13, 2010

and competition for overclocking MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2010 the company Micro-Star International has demonstrated its latest graphics card from the top-line Lightning - MSI N480GTX. It is based on the adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, but substantially modified. The solution is based on the GPU NVIDIA GF100 and uses the PCB larger than the reference model. In addition, the design MSI N480GTX provides military-grade components and cooling system Twin Frozr III with two 90 mm fans and five teplootvodnymi tubes.

Graphics Card MSI N480GTX equipped with 480 cores CUDA and 1.5 GB of memory GDDR5, while the core clock speeds, shader and memory are 750, 1500 and 4000 MHz respectively. For comparison, the frequency of inflow discharges considerably less: 400/1401/3696 MHz. Other features of this powerful adapter can be noted the 16-phase PWM, dual BIOS and three power connector PCIe. In turn, the video output from MSI N480GTX are dual-DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, card supports 4-way SLI. Its cost - $ 550.


Anonymous said...

The card's been reviewed already. The benchmarks look awesome!