Pentax Kr - bright 12.4 megapixel SLR cameras with support for HD video

Friday, September 10, 2010

Company Hoya Corporation Pentax Imaging Systems Division has announced the imminent release of a new digital SLR camera with interchangeable optics - Pentax Kr. As the producer, in a compact package in three different colors, the new model combines ease of use, performance and professional features, such as high-speed data transfer via infrared.

Among the features Pentax Kr - photography with an effective resolution of 12.4 megapixel, video recording with HD quality (1280 x 720 pixels and 25 frames per second), fast consecutive shooting at a speed of six frames per second, high sensitivity CMOS matrix of ISO 25600 (through incremental setting), and 3-inch LCD monitor with high resolution. Dual power supply system can be used to choose a standard lithium-ion battery or a set of batteries type AA (with an optional adapter, D-BH109).

The camera has a number of digital filters to easily produce creative work. Pentax Kr is compatible with high-speed infrared data transmission IrSimple, for example, allows you to publish images to your blog via the link wirelessly with a mobile phone with Internet access, or to exchange data between the two Pentax Kr.

Despite the APS-C sensor size 23,6 x 15,8 mm, body Kr compact and lightweight, and this was made possible by a frame made of lightweight stainless steel, reduced the mechanism of image stabilization and the use of modern technology dense placement of elements within the chamber. In burst shooting mode Pentax Kr able to record at least 25 frames (in the format JPEG) for one series with a maximum speed of 6 frames per second.

Pentax Kr equipped with autofocus system SAFOX IX with a wide coverage area, 11 focus points (9 sensitive cruciform elements in the middle), and precise focus on the selected subject. Also improved accuracy and speed of contrast AF mode Live View, thanks to a new generation of sensors, and radical processing algorithms. Optical viewfinder Kr provides a bright and clear picture covering 96% of the square frame and the increase in scale 0.85h. Points of focus confirmation in Kr are indicated in the viewfinder red LED light for better visibility.

Pentax Kr is equipped with a proprietary system for stabilizing the SR (Shake Reduction), offsetting the negative effects of camera shake with an efficiency of up to four levels of exposure. This mechanism allows to work with all interchangeable lens Pentax, including those developed for film cameras. Supported lens mount Pentax K, KA, KAF, KAF2 and KAF3; threaded lenses M42 (via adapter) lenses formats 645 and 67 (via adapter). Exit to sell Pentax Kr is expected in October at a price of $ 799.95 (without optics).