Pro Camcorder Panasonic Standard Micro 4 / 3 appears in Japan in December for $ 10,000

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last spring, we already talked about the world's first professional camcorder standard Micro Four Thirds - Panasonic AG-AF105 (European consumers it will be known as the Panasonic AG-AF100). And now the Japanese manufacturer officially announced this development on its "home" market.

Recall Camcorder Panasonic AG-AF100/105 not have built-in mirrors, but the sensor is comparable in size to the analogues in SLR cameras. This allows you to shoot video as 1080p/30, with the depth of field and the width of the corner location is not inferior performance film cameras using 35 mm film.

In addition, Panasonic AG-AF100/105 differ very compact dimensions, as well as the opportunity to interact with a lot of interchangeable lenses from companies such as Leica, Canon and Nikon via special adapters. Video recording is made in the AVCHD format with a maximum bit rate of 24 Mbps, still footage on two memory cards, SDHC / SDXC. In selling to the Japanese market novelty should come in December at the price of 837,900 yen (about $ 9,960), while its estimated selling price in Europe at 4900 euros.