Sony PS3 hacked using the calculator TI-84 - Video

Monday, September 13, 2010

Despite his respectable by the standards of the modern age of IT industry, game console Sony PlayStation 3 remains one of the most tamper-proof devices, consumer class. Indeed, only recently, hackers have created a workable methodology and tool circumvent the popular console, which allows, for example, to run on it unlicensed (pirated and made "on the knee") games.

Port to open-source solutions PSGroove, designed to break Sony PlayStation 3, called PSFreedom and appeared in the World Wide Web in early September. In theory, use it simply - you need only executable code and the device with microcontroller USB. And, as such devices can act, for example, the communicator Palm Pre, smartphone Nexus One, Smartphone, Tablet Nokia N900 and even ... a programmable calculator TI-84 Plus / Silver.

Despite some fantastic last assumption, the source says, cracking a game console, Sony PlayStation 3 with firmware version 3.41 using the calculator TI-84 is quite possible. Moreover, if you have at hand the necessary "ingredients", you yourself can experience the effectiveness driven methodology. But the rest we refer to the video, a film based lucky enthusiast.