Video Card ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and Palit based on NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 - already in the online sale

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In the online shop Newegg appeared graphics accelerator based on NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, the official announcement of which has not occurred. Although it is expected in the near future - 13 September. And yet in the online store lit version of the adapter from manufacturers such as ASUSTeK Computer, EVGA, Gigabyte and Palit cost from $ 129.99 to $ 139.99.

All models have 192 core CUDA, moreover, for all video cards listed 1 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit interface. But the clock speeds at all different: 880/1760 MHz for the core and shader solutions from Palit, more than 850 MHz for the core in one of the models of ASUS and 783/3600 MHz core / memory - at the other. In turn, the Gigabyte is also two adapters: a clock speed of core / shader 830/1620 MHz core / memory of 810/3608 MHz, while the EVGA video card clock speeds and shader core is 822 MHz and 1645 MHz respectively. In this case, only one of the accelerators Gigabyte uses for one or two fans, all the rest - one by one.