Announced WebOS v2.0

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HP today announced a new version of its operating system WebOS.As it turned out, many "spy shots" of the novelties introduced in the network, some time ago, proved to be quite honest.

Announcement of the WebOS v2.0 was done together with the presentation of a new product-the Palm Pre 2. However, contrary to the "hardware" novelties are not so many: memory has been increased from 8 up to 16 GB, 3 megapixel camera with up to 5 has been improved.According to unconfirmed reports, processor brand will work on a frequency of 1 GHz, RAM of 512 MB will be. In the rest of the Pre 2 is almost identical to the previous model, which means that the focus has been placed on THE OS.

Particularly noteworthy innovations: technology "Just Type". The bottom line is that if you want to type text, regardless of the purpose is simply to start typing (special box at the top of the screen) and then choose to use it to send a message to a friend or update status in FaceBook.

Interesting novelty will be the "Exhibition" mode, which can be turned on when you install a device in the dock. In this mode, the crane will be a fresh photo data from calendar, or other information, the developers and users.In the primary OS versions this feature will not be, but its promise to include in the first update.

Isn't disdained developers and multitasking.However, this is not about background tasks, and many of them stop and switching, as implemented in Android and iOS. By the way, switching is done quite original – the concept of "card", already familiar to users, has created the "deck", grouped by task.

Another familiar to tight integration with social networks, now has a new name, and obviously some improvement. Now it's called HP Synergy.Also promise to support Adobe Flash Plugin is 10.1? and HTML5.

Pre 2 with WebOS v2.0 on Board will be on sale this Friday in France.Issue in the United States and Canada promise "in the coming months".More information on the WebOS 2.0 's official site, ibid., there are a few videos demonstrating the new features of THE OS.