At Mt. Everest's retreating glaciers appeared online

Sunday, October 31, 2010

If you accidentally (and likely, especially) are on Mt. Everest's retreating glaciers, know: from now on, you can report it to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and folovery directly from the roof of the world.

Ncell Company, which is a subsidiary of TeliaSonera Sweden, found near the top 3 g-station, and 6 stations are nearby. Thanks to the new high-speed service, you can use social networks directly on top of, and carry out video calls.

The highest station is located at the last base camp at an altitude of 5300 metres. This last point, where the peaks are conquerors until such time as you climb the highest mountain on Earth.Internet on top can be used before, but this would have to lug a heavy satellite equipment.