Faro Focus3D: most compact 3D scanner

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recently, the relatively unknown company called FARO was released devays with the laurels of the light and compact 3D scanner from existing. This novelty with the name Focus3D, is designed for accurate measurement in 3D space.Also know that she has tachskrinom and can be used as a digital camera.

Obviously, FARO does not cast words into wind, describing your product record holder in terms of compactness, corpus Focus3D five times smaller than previous versions. In addition, promises to please and productivity: according to the manufacturer, to draw up a detailed model of environment from scanner will take no more than a few minutes.

New devays with can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks from study of crime and accidents to planning of construction work or production.One full battery charge Focus3D should suffice for approximately five hours. The size of a source of pride for creators, they are 24.1 20.3 10.2.Information obtained using the device are stored on AN SD format memory card.