Flexible 6-inch AMOLED display

Sunday, October 31, 2010

?????? amoled ??????? The Taiwan Research Institute ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has created a flexible 6-inch AMOLED color display technology, also developed by FlexUPD walls of this institution.

New display from ITRI has a thickness of only 0.01 inches and is able to show images, even when minimized to the tube with a radius of 5 cm or less. Developers reported that undergo such a procedure to display at least 15000 times without compromising efficiency.

ITRI argues that technology FlexUPD is the easiest and cheapest way of mass production for today screens similar to the paper.It is expected that the new development from ITRI as soon as it comes to Rails, so very soon we will be able to see it-based solutions from companies that AUO plans to produce flexible ?italok for electronic books.