GE PJ1 – camera with built-in Pico-Projector from General Imaging

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recently, the company General Imaging presented to public the new compact camera GE PJ1.According to the manufacturer, the novelty is one of a kind: from other devices of the same class it has embedded Pico-Projector.

Moreover, he knew that the new camera can do 14.1-megapixel photos and shoot video quality 720r. Among the features are also referred to 7 x optical zoom, face detection system, automatic adjusting exposure, recognition of smiles and glare and compatibility with SD and SDHC format with up to 16 GB.

In addition, the new DLP technology developed by Texas Instruments, and to increase the contrast ratio and 300: 1 and a brightness of up to 15 ANSI lumens.As for the duration of the presentations, the battery device should suffice for one hour.

Of course, there is a special projector novelties of enthusiasm, but on the other hand, don't forget that we are talking about a portable device, more oriented to capture photos and video.Unfortunately, neither the price nor on the tentative timing products marketed so far nothing is mentioned.