Landline phone from Rockchip is revolutionizing your workplace

Friday, October 1, 2010

Among the most innovative exhibits IFA 2010 special place belongs to this strange devajsu – stationary Smartphone Rockchip. And Yes, "smart phone", we mean supporting 3 g platform Android, as well as touch-sensitive LCD screen.Oh yeah, we should not forget about the built-in Web camera.

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At the same time, there is a new and old fashioned handset speakerphone, and – in General, though, and have a desktop office telephone.Rockchip provides reliable communication both with fixed and mobile numbers and can be used for video conferencing. In addition, devays with allows the user to connect to the Internet while.

Apparently in nowinka ta?skrina size is about seven inches diagonally.In addition, quick access to individual functions are managed in the physical buttons. Among other things, the characteristics mentioned stereo speakers.In turn, are these moments as Bluetooth and WiFi.

In General, it appears that the novelty may significantly easier for traders, accountants, managers, Secretaries, and other representatives of the Office of flora and fauna.Unfortunately, it is difficult to comment on the cost of it or when it hit the market.