Meet Windows Phone 7

Monday, October 11, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 has been developing for about an hour and a half, the Phone, but only now the product can be conditionally ready to enter the market.

Previously, the new platform has been criticized and ironic commentary, but now it is safe to say that even the weakest side are much better developed than in previous versions of Windows Mobile.


Platform interface is almost the same: it consists of a long list of useful links on numerous topics.

Receive email?Here it is, vyvelas?.One friend has updated photo on Facebook?You'll learn about this from your phone.
But the main thing in this interface is that it really works and works well: spend your finger across the screen and the image moves without second delay, IE behaves exactly as you would expect from him this.

Open links as much better than I could count on the applications are loaded quickly, smoothly and, again, is not orphaned.

However, this version of the platform is still at the stage of early assemblies and devoid of any native application, therefore, its performance can be assessed only in conjunction with standard applications and third-party applications.

Remove links on the desktop is pretty easy: just drag and leave and interface itself will take care to rearrange them as you would like to see.
Simple unobtrusive interface is really the best solution to date.It displays a lot of information, which in turn greatly facilitates navigation.

Contacts and messages

Other elements of the operating system Windows Phone 7 also appear to rise – in particular with regard to work with your contacts and messages.

Contact support synchronization with Facebook and Windows Live ID, so you can easily view information about your friends, their photos, property, and leave your comments.

However, not everyone is as smooth as it seems: THE HTC Sense UI is all this done, more is better.
Nice to see that this trend, but it seems that Microsoft is trying to keep pace with competitors rather than keep them.

The messaging – it really brought to mind, especially when it comes to the on-screen keyboard.In both variants, and portrait and landscape, the button is rather summary, their response to the pressing is accurate, and spelling are worthy.There is a strong competitor to the novelty of the iPhone and HTC.

And, of course, the new platform supports a lot of mailing standards (POP, IMAP, Exchange), so you can send or receive email wherever there's a network.