Night Earth Globe

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everyone who is interested in seeing that the astronauts from space at night when on Earth bonfires, you are able to see it first hand.And these are not images published on the Internet, and on a 3D Globe night Earth Globe City Lights that can buy.

Rotating globe will know what are the biggest cities of our planet at night. The globe has a well-lit location in Eastern Europe and North America, Russia and Africa are much less illuminated.

City Lights light up automatically when the globe is in darkness, and turns off when it gets light. The largest country, city and water surface caused by name. Multicolor political map will distinguish between a State and a major administrative units within them.

Diameter of the globe – 10 inches. It automatically rotates to the mirror database, which is Antarctica and water around the white continent.Batteries for the globe are not needed, it works from the electrical outlet.You can Buy in the store Hammacher Schlemmer ninety dollars.