Notion Ink Tablet – Adam with 15 hours of battery life

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Releases a new Notion Tablet pen Ink Adam ever closer, and with it gradually clarifies some of the features of the device. Learned that his battery lasts 15 hours of continuous work, that is, in theory, can survive even more. And this cannot but impress.Especially considering that with more powerful battery, the device can easily develop 20 hours.

But these numbers correspond to the model for $ 498;cheaper 399-dollar model LCD is unlikely to exhibit similar indicators. By the way, both models are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and 3 g, as well as speakers.

Using the USB ports of the Tablet, you can view video category 1080p directly from USB drive without first copying the memory device. Using the same port you can connect the keyboard to the novelty and other peripherals.Well, that Notion Ink Tablet – surprisingly stylish Adam tablet, you can not talk.


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I seen its advertisement in tv. It includes very good features in low cost. Its battery life is very excellent.

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Well, its screen is very wide and looks wise its very stylish. Now a days it is very much popular in market also.

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The best thing of this LCD is, it is very wide and colourful. I like its stylish looks, as a weight it is not much.