Pantone Capsure-eyedropper in real life

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pantone CapsureEveryone who has ever run on your computer any graphic editor, surely familiar with this tool, like the Eyedropper to sample a color from anywhere on the screen.

It turns out that such a tool exists in the real world – it's called Pantone Capsure and is a compact gadget allows you to take a sample colors from the surface, and check that the color samples are stored in memory.

The device receives information about the color with three cameras located at different angles so that you can get rid of unwanted shadows and other interferences and to obtain accurate color cast.Capsure removes color image every 27 1.6 seconds.

The gadget is able to store in memory up to 100 withdrawal swatches and has a small screen that colors can be seen.In the device memory is also stored library model shades from Pantone colors with around 8000.

Order this gadget is definitely useful for any designer, you can website and its price is $ 650 United States.