Sony Walkman cassette players ceases production

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another era behind.After more than 30 years after the first cassette player, Walkman, Sony announced that its production is stopped, and in the Japanese market in official sales will no longer be necessary.

The first cluster Sony Walkman TPS-L 2 was released in Japan on 1 July 1979. Over time, the players have been improved and amended.Since there are 400 million sold players more than half are cluster model. Latest shipment was delivered in April of this year, and now someone has bought the last Cassette Walkman.

On the other hand, the fact that Japan had ceased to produce and distribute a cassette player Walkman does not mean that you cannot buy at all.China continues to operate licensed production and markets for Chinese manufacturers in Asia and the Middle East.

Sony continues the production of other models Walkman: CD and MD-version will be the same as before.In April 2010 Sony ceased to produce floppy disks.