Tianhe-1A-the fastest supercomputer in the world

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tianhe-1ARecent HPC Conference 2010 in China China showed a new supercomputer, which record petaflop performance 2507 dough LINPACK, making it the fastest today computer systems both in China and around the world.

Computer Tianhe-1A uses 77168 graphics processors (GPU) NVIDIA Tesla M2050 and 14336 universal multi-core processors (CPU). Use THE GPU can significantly improve performance by reducing the size and power consumption supercomputer.For example, to achieve full Teraflop performance 2507 without GPU, THE CPU would have to use 50000, doubling the space and power consumption increased in 3 times from 4.04 to 12 megawatts.For comparison: the amount of energy enough to provide electricity to over 5000 homes for a year.

Tianhe-1A, a Chinese National University of Defense technology (National University of Defense Technology) and the national Supercomputer Center is located in the city Tiand?in.


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