Wall clock Order in Chaos will break your perception of time

Saturday, October 2, 2010

If the company Tokyoflash produced clocks, they certainly would look a lot like Order in Chaos.New clock look like birds have fallen from the walls and into many small fragments, which then somehow was put together.

However, the first impression is deceptive: the unusual design is far more profound meaning. According to the authors of the original design, Igor Barbashina and Daria Volkova, their offspring is intended to impersonate a randomness of this world.In life, filled with chaotic incidents, casual acquaintances and spontaneous events that only time can have some semblance of order. Illustration of how time "arranges" reality, and a new item.

Despite several unusual appearance and absence; new watch not only can with due accuracy show time but also promise to be fairly easy to use. In order to understand, what time is it, you must look at the figures: the options that meet the current time, and look the most intact.In turn, minute in Order in Chaos works the same way as conventional hours.

Unfortunately, not everyone can make in its interior fraction of chaotic coherence, the proposed Order in Chaos.The main obstacle for many wishing to acquire a novelty will be its price: 2000 dollars + fee for shipping.


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