With projector KLEXL children can draw on the wall and not to be punished

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Very often when small children fall into the hands of the pencils or markers, they are guided by inspiration can draw anything anywhere.The imagination of the child goes far beyond notebooks or album that adds a headache.

This problem will solve projector KLEXL which will give children the opportunity to paint without restriction and parents don't have to waste time on cleaning. KLEXL run as an interactive painting machine.The projector is equipped with lens with autofocus, which shows the image on the wall. It is at the end of handles available.

Movement of LEDs is monitored infrared cameras located on the base installation. On the basis of a circle, with which you can change the color. All you need to do is touch the colour tip pens, brushes, like that in makaût palette.

And everything would be great if more than one "but".KLEXL is just a concept, the prospects of implementing "which remain unclear. However, there is every reason to hope that the idea will be implemented.To begin with, at least in portable form.The development in this direction.