Designer collection of mobile phones from Yaei Kusama

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Japanese mobile carrier AU kddi introduced to his new brand of mobile phones iida series of Art Edition on which worked well-known Japanese artist avangardistka Yaei Kusama (Yayoi Kusama), known primarily for its motives in the peas (and often red or pink). This motif seen in all three artistic reincarnation mobile Toshiba T001. It should be noted that all mobile phones signed by the author, whose paintings, incidentally, is one of the most expensive in the world (among the living artists).

Obsessive point:

The above concept inspired by the author's work in 1965 - "Room of endless mirrors." This phone is "lost" in the box, and its owner can enjoy the energy of red spots.

My dog RingRing:

The roots of this work are from an exhibition in 2004 in Tokyo's Museum of Mori Art Museum and the author's song "Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello!)". As can be seen, the mobile phone is "resting" on the back of the dog.


This is probably the most interesting and most likely more natural to our perception of the decision, where the folding phone is presented in the form of ... handbags (and why so far no one guessed as to provide the phone?) and of course all in the same red and white spots.