Fujitsu has developed a high-speed system for biometric authentication in the palm veins

Friday, April 17, 2009

Japanese company Fujitsu today announced the creation of her, as she claims, the world's first biometric authentication system for moving the hand veins. While the technology of authentication veins is not new, the company, as already noted above, managed to create the first such high-speed system that would perform the audit, even without pre-fixation of the hand on the sensor - it is just a millisecond to capture images palms. Despite such a short time, the precision measurement of all parameters of the biometric system is not inferior to previous versions of its slower, which in turn makes it possible to authenticate even the motion of the hand.

For a new system of biometric authentication manufacturer has developed a new prototype of the scanner, which applies a high-speed shutter to capture images, as well as a new method of their capture, which consists in the application of two key technologies:

  • High-speed image capture system to protect against blur images
  • Technology extract the best image from a series of frames

Set out to commercialize this technology, the company Fujitsu will continue to address the technical side of this issue of how to decrease the dimensions of the device, and its price.