Fujitsu will make self-destructing USB

Monday, April 20, 2009

Japanese company Fujitsu announced the development of its two new technologies aimed at preventing unwanted disclosure of data stored on various types of external storage devices with USB interface. One of these technologies is aimed at the destruction of information stored on the device after a certain time, and the second - to ensure that confidential files from the device will be recorded only on certain servers. The application of these technologies, according to the manufacturer, will create a safe environment within the enterprise using external USB storage media, leaving the possibility of easy exchange of information, and at the same time - have an adequate level of safety in case of loss, theft or misuse of the data carriers.

The prototype of such a device, developed by Fujitsu, for what would be the first to translate the technology into practice, embedded in a separate processor and battery. After some time, if such a device was inserted in unauthorized computer, all data stored on it will be deleted. The essence is the second technology is that to avoid "drain" of sensitive information, making data "exist" only on the storage device, or on certain servers, preventing the accidental or deliberate leakage of information.