Genius introduced a new compact HD camcorder

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Company KYE Systems Corp., Which produces products under the brand Genius, introduced another compact camera G-Shot HD520, to shoot video in HD resolution (5 MP format MPEG-4/H.264) and pictures with a resolution of 11 MP.

This model, which is the words of the manufacturer, is a convenient and easy with her, and is ideal for creating video and photographic material at any time and anywhere: whether it's summer vacation in nature, or family celebrations. G-Shot HD520 supports OS Windows (Vista/XP/2000) and Mac (OS10 or higher), equipped with, in addition to the above and still turning (at 270 ⁰) bright 2.5-inch LCD screens manufactured by technology LTPS.

In addition, new technology has found people in the frame, Z-Lighting (to increase the level of brightness in a poorly lit field), an electronic image stabilizer, 32 MB internal memory, which can be expanded HCSD memory cards up to 8 GB. Additionally, the HD520 has a HDMI output.

The price at which the manufacturer wants to sell the G-Shot HD520, equals $ 149.