Head of Sony Ericsson: the establishment of Android-smartphone will take time

Monday, April 20, 2009

According to the Reuters agency, referring to General Director of Sony Ericsson Hideki Komiyamu (Hideki Komiyama), Android-smartphone this supplier is unlikely to be expected in the near future. Remember, at the end of last year, we already wrote that Sony Ericsson joined the Open Handset Alliance and announced its plans to produce models based on Android. Company representative Bryuzevits Gustaf (Gustaf Brusewitz) reported then that the unit will be the summer of 2009.

However, in a recent interview with Reuters the general director of Sony Ericsson was more cautious in the statements. He recognized the dignity of the operating system, Android, and said that one day the mobile device based on it will be released by. However, the assessment of the profitability of the business, a survey of users, developing and testing devices require a lot of time, concluded Komiyama. It is possible that this summer release Android-smartphone Sony Ericsson has not yet been held.