Headphones Audio-Technica A1000X and A2000X for audio philes

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The range of the Japanese company Audio-Technica introduced two models of monitor headphones - A1000X and A2000X. They have similar technical specifications, design and engineering indicators, but have some differences and peculiarities.

New A1000X and A2000X positioned as headphones for audio philes and professionals. They provide a realistic sound in a very wide frequency range (5-42000 Hz - at A1000X, 5-45000 Hz - at A2000X). Both new products are proprietary fastening system that regulates the situation of structural elements in three dimensions. Despite the impressive size of the headphones (emitters with a membrane diameter - 53 cm) and weight about 300 g, and A1000X, and A2000X remain imperceptible to the head throughout the day, providing the owner an easy comfortable to wear.

New items are different between them is not only a frequency range, and design features. The point is that the corpus A1000X is made from aluminum, while the corpus A2000X is made from titanium. Thanks to this feature, allegedly A2000X headphones provide a more accurate sound.


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