How to solve the problem E74 in Xbox360

Friday, April 17, 2009

After the problem of 3 red Led afflicted (or maybe still afflicts) the Xbox 360 console at home with Microsoft on the guide published by us for the resolution "in house" for this error, now comes another wave of problems for the the console: Error E74.

The message of 'error E74 reported to have caused "Error sisetma, Rivolgesti Xbox Customer Support" with a generic "geheral hardware failure." Obviously Microsoft has not clarified what the source of the problem but has "only" announced that it will refund customers the amount paid for a warranty repair fuiori because of fault for the error E74 and will receive this refund within 4-12 weeks, whose claims must be sent by 1 November 2009.

If you have a modified console and that would be a bit "strange" to send the same in the laboratories of Microsoft, now you tell us how to solve this infamous problem.

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  • First we have to do the unboxing of the console as the previous guide
  • Now we have to unscrew the screws from underneath that keep fixed the heatsink to the motherboard
  • Clean and carefully heat the dough from the processor
  • Putting the new thermal paste
  • Replace the heatsink
  • Turn 's Xbox360 and we could be in 2 situations
    • The console part correctly -> then we should only re-and the procedure is finished
    • We may find that disappears and 1 red LED will light up if 2 (overheating) -> in this case turn off the console, wait 20 minutes, on again and you're done!

Too difficult? Anything! However you add some videos where you can see that it is easier to explain!