Kyocera introduced the prototype of a flexible mobile phone EOS

Friday, April 17, 2009

The company Kyocera has demonstrated a prototype of an unusual mobile phone Kyocera EOS. It is equipped with a flexible display, with the back of the coated polymer. The display can be folded, in this case on the rear side of visible buttons. Thus, the size of the device may vary: folded it is compact and resembles purses, as in the expansion - the device is quite large and has a widescreen display to the whole surface.

Also, an interesting feature of EOS is the way to his charge. Using microscopic piezoelectric elements of the kinetic energy produced in the interaction with the user's phone number is converted into electric power. Thus, the more is used, the more he is charged. Reported that Kyocera is planning to release a commercial product based on this prototype as soon as its development will be completed.