Mobile phone from the Ondo Pilotfish to create and edit music

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Designers Studio Pilotfish have developed the concept of a mobile device Ondo. It is designed for creating musical compositions, and literally on the move represents a sort of mobile studio. The unit has a special design, software and hardware features that simplify the creation and editing music. However, from a technical standpoint, not a fact that real product based on this concept may appear on the market soon.

From a constructive standpoint Ondo represents an unusual form of apparatus made of a flexible material. With the change of its shape, such as bending, you can edit the music. Unusual and the phone: it consists of three removable modules that are stacked together, work as a touch-sensitive display. Individually, they can be attached using clamps on the musical instruments for recording sound. Then, collecting strip along the device, they can be merged into a musical composition. You can also feature tracks by sending MMS.