MTS final leave of the Euroset

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The operator MTS has announced the termination of the admission fees for services of MTS with a network of stores «Euroset». As explained by the company, this step has been made in connection with the default terms of the agreement on the transfer of payments from subscribers on the current account of the MTS.

Remember, April 4, the MTS has ceased to accept payments through stores «Euroset» in all regions of the MTS, as the company «Euroset» not fulfilled the terms of the contract and not paid in arrears on payments generated subscribers. In its press release of the MTS also argues that the spread of the message «Euroset» admission to restore the payments of subscribers of MTS is untrue and misleading subscribers.

MTS subscribers can pay for services in all stores MTS, as well as in various stores, such as the «connected», «Telefon.Ru», «Eldorado», through the various systems and terminals self at the offices of banks, trade and service enterprises, including through the offices of Sberbank, Russia Post Offices, with the help card payment via credit card through an ATM or from the site of the MTS. The total number of outlets in Russia, where subscribers can pay for services of MTS, is over 300 thousand.