The operator KTF has developed a 1-GB USIM-card

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

KTF, the second largest mobile operator in South Korea, announced the creation of a USIM-card (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) high capacity. Such cards are used in mobile phones that support 3G networks, instead of the traditional SIM-cards. The decision of KTF to store large amounts of data without using an additional memory card. The company has developed 256-Mb and 512-MB USIM-cards, in the future, the memory will be increased to 1 GB. Commercial production USIM 256-Mb and 512-MB is expected in the second half of this year, and 1-GB version will appear later.

At the USIM can be used to store not only phone book, and other personal data, as well as music, games and the like. If you change the mobile phone USIM, of course, you can move to the transfer of all information. USIM, according to KTF, interacts with the device in more than 100 times faster than conventional flash cards.