Panasonic provides a professional line of products for 3D video

Monday, April 20, 2009

The company Panasonic has announced the beginning of the development of its line of professional products for creating and playing three-dimensional Full-HD video. This system, which will be the first of its kind, will include dvuhobektivnuyu professional P2 camera and compatible with the 3D plasma display. The concept of this system, the company will demonstrate at NAB 2009 exhibition, which opens today in Las Vegas (USA).

According to the Panasonic, in conjunction with the Hollywood studios, which create 3D entertainment content, she successfully made her debut at the CEATEC exhibition in September last year (Japan) for its 3D Full-HD home cinema system, which included a plasma display and the player is based on technology Blu-ray Disc. In addition, Panasonic has established a Center for Contemporary authoring (Advanced Authoring Center), in its Hollywood laboratory, designed to help Hollywood studios in the creation of 3D Full-HD Blu-ray discs.

Also, the Japanese manufacturer said that currently requires the production of three films from their creators a lot more time and effort in contrast to the conventional, and for the establishment of the content they have to deal with their own adaptation of existing 2D video systems by 3D imaging. This is just the new Panasonic and must solve this problem, with rapid control of the quality of captured material.